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impastatrici full color

Elegant, functional and eclectic: Smeg’s new Full Color stand mixers boast a range of brilliant glossy hues for a full colour effect, one of the key distinguishing features of the new product aesthetic.

A true explosion of colour that offers a host of potential new style combinations for your kitchen.

Two versions are available: the SMF03 model with stainless steel bowl in cream, red or black, and the white SMF13 model with glass bowl.

The glass bowl allows you to watch the ingredients being processed while the machine is running, as well as delivering maximum performance: the 4.8 litre capacity makes it perfect for voluminous mixtures and doughs, and the levels for liquids are marked on the bowl itself. The glass bowl can also be heated in the microwave (Max 15 min/ 300W) and used for storing your mixtures in the freezer (Max -24 ° C/ 24h), and can also be selected as an optional accessory for the SMF03 model.

Some of the key new features include the SMF02 beater with flexible edges, designed to create creamy, uniform mixtures and amaze guests with sweet and savoury delicacies worthy of the best pastry shops in the world. Indeed, this accessory, which features a special 3-arm design, allows the ingredients to be optimally combined during the mixing process, making preparation faster and more effective. In addition, the silicone elements reach all of the surfaces of the bowl, so there’s no need to stop the machine or use a spatula to scrape residue from the sides.

A crowd-pleasing dessert, a pizza with friends, a dish of fresh pasta that smells like home: the Smeg Full Color stand mixers combine design and functionality with Smeg’s unmistakable style, so that the only limit in the kitchen is your creativity.