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Smeg hoods: elegant styling and advanced technology.

Smeg hoods reflect the elegance and style of the kitchen around them as they combine quality design with the best materials. A wide range of models are available, which vary according to aesthetics, extraction method and motor capacity/power output to suit all kitchen types.

At the design stage, attention to detail in terms of style is combined with technical studies which ensure that Smeg hoods will be virtually noiseless and guarantee high extraction performance.

In addition, all products in the hood range can be fitted with special active charcoal filters which recirculate completely purified air.

Type: Built-in - Chimney

  • KSE912X3

    90CM Wall hood, St/steel with Glass Frame

  • KSE951X2

    90CM Wall Hood, St/steel with Black Glass Control Panel

  • KA1VA2

    Wall hood, 90 cm, Anthracite, Colonial

  • KTS75C

    75CM St/steel “Linear Series” Angled Chimney Hood, St/steel and Glass

  • KD120X-2

    120CM “Opera” Wall Hood, St/steel

  • KD150X-2

    150CM “Opera” Wall Hood, St/steel

  • KD90X-2

    90CM “Opera” Wall Hood, St/steel

  • KI120X-2

    120CM Island Hood, St/steel

  • KSIV960X1

    100CM Glass & St/steel Island Chimney Hood

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