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Gas hobs

Smeg offers a number of different gas hobs which vary in terms of installation type. These are: standard, topmounted, low profile and ultra low profile. That's not all. The sizes on offer range from the small Domino hobs (30cm wide and customisable) to traditional 60, 70, 90 and even 116cm models. Available in polished or brushed stainless steel, soft touch and finger-friendly acid-etched glass or painted metal with antique brass, gold or even copper finishes, the Smeg hob range gives you a huge number of options to choose from to fit out your kitchen with unique character and style.

  • PS906-4

    90CM "Classic" ultra low profile gas hob, st/steel

  • SE97GXBE5

    90CM “Classic” Gas Hob, St/steel

  • PC73GNO

    72CM Gas hob, Black, Classic

  • SER60SGH3

    60CM "Classic" Gas Hob, St/steel

  • PGF31G-1

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, Ultra-low profile, St/steel, Classic Aesthetic

  • PGF31GBE

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, 1 cooking zone Classic Aesthetic, St.steel Ultra-low profile

  • PGF32GBE

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, 2 cooking zones Classic Aesthetic, St.steel Ultra-low profile

  • SRV573XG

    70CM, "Contemporary" Gas Hob, St/Steel

  • SRV531GH5

    30CM Domino Gas Hob, St/ Steel

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