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Gas, ceramic and induction hobs: let style work for your kitchen.

Smeg hobs combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. You can choose from an array of shapes, sizes and cooking methods to match the aesthetics of your oven.

The complete Smeg hob range features gas, ceramic and induction hobs. The gas hobs, available in stainless steel, glass or enamelled finishes, can be installed in a variety of different ways: standard, topmounted, low profile and ultra low profile.  Smeg also offers maximum flexibility in its cooking zones, from standard to diamond and in-line configurations.  Moreover, in response to demands for superior performance, Smeg’s internal design studio has created  ultra-rapid and high performance burners whose near-vertical flame guarantees optimum cooking. Finally, the cast iron, steel and enamelled finish pan stands are available in cross-shaped versions for each individual burner or as flat versions covering multiple burners, both designed to maximise available space. 

As an alternative to cooking with gas, Smeg has developed a range of electric hobs. The induction and ceramic hobs are extremely efficient and reliable and cook much faster than traditional models. Linear, stylish and can be integrated into the kitchen top: Smeg hobs are the perfect solution if you are looking for contemporary, minimal style where the cooking zone blends in perfectly within the natural progression of the worktop.

  • PS906-4

    90CM "Classic" ultra low profile gas hob, st/steel

  • SE97GXBE5

    90CM “Classic” Gas Hob, St/steel

  • PC73GNO

    72CM Gas hob, Black, Classic

  • SER60SGH3

    60CM "Classic" Gas Hob, St/steel

  • PGF31G-1

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, Ultra-low profile, St/steel, Classic Aesthetic

  • PGF31GBE

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, 1 cooking zone Classic Aesthetic, St.steel Ultra-low profile

  • PGF32GBE

    Hob 30 cm, Gas, 2 cooking zones Classic Aesthetic, St.steel Ultra-low profile

  • PGF32C

    Hob 30 cm, Ceramic, 2 cooking zones Classic Aesthetic, St.steel frame Ultra-low profile

  • PGF32I-1

    30cm "Domino" Ultra Low Profile Induction Hob

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